Hungry? We have a jam for that!


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Slippery Moose Preserves was founded with a simple goal in mind – to make interesting woodsy jams, jellies, and meat/dipping sauces.  Each has a unique flavor and combination that make your kitchen creations stand out.  Try any flavor on an english muffin for breakfast,  one of your favorite meat/dipping sauces on a turkey sandwich for lunch, or test a tangy preserve in a stir fry for dinner – let your imagination run wild!jams/books

People ask me why we chose a moose as our symbol. Moose represent everything that modern life isn’t.  They’re peaceful creatures, living in tranquility and harmony with Mother Nature, and despite their imposing nature, they’re gentle.  In winter, I imagine moose slipping across the ice, all four legs going every which way.  That’s what Slippery Moose Preserves is all about – using the natural fruits of the land, staying close to nature, and never knowing where we’ll land.


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